TII Organisation Structure

Board Members

The TII board may comprise up to fourteen ordinary members and a chairperson - appointed by the Minister of Transport. Members are appointed on the basis of their experience in relation to roads, transport, industrial, commercial, financial, or environmental matters, local government, and the organisation of workers or administration. They are directly responsible for the exercise of TII's functions under the Act but can delegate these functions to committees with the approval of the Minister.

The current board members are -

Mr. Gareth Llewellyn (Chairman)

Mr. Peter Walsh

Ms. Mary O'Donovan

Mr. Aebhric McGibney

Mr. Desmond Kenny

Mr. Aidan Skelly

Dr. Damien Ó Tuama

Ms. Patricia O'Shea

Ms. Colette Byrne

Mr. Michael Wall

Ms. AnnMarie Farrelly

Ms. Sadhbh O'Neill

TII Executive Team

Peter Walsh, CEO

Audrey Keogh, Director Business Services

Pat Maher, Director Network Management

Cathal Masterson, Director Commercial Operations

Tony Redmond, Director Corporate Services

Helen Hughes, Director Professional Services

Nigel O'Neill, Director Capital Programme Management

Sean O'Neill, Director Communications

Rachel Cahill, Director Chief Executive Office

Code of Business Conduct for TII

TII Code of Business for Board Members and Staff