ZEVI EV Charging Infrastructure LDV En-Route Grant Scheme

Introducing the ZEVI EV Charging Infrastructure LDV En-Route Grant Scheme. Led by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and funded by Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland (ZEVI), this scheme aims to accelerate the delivery of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across Ireland's national road network.

In line with EU regulations, this initial scheme mainly targets the motorway network, driving the installation of high- power charging pools with 1200kW power output, with at least four 150kW recharging points in each recharging pool. Future schemes will continue to target other parts of the road network, further supporting Ireland's climate targets and the country's EV growth trajectory.

EV charging

Scheme Details

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Map of RV Charging in Ireland


What is the timeline for the scheme?

  • The scheme will be launched on February 14, 2024;
  • Applicants shall prepare their proposals and make their submission before the closing date at noon on April 10, 2024;
  • The new infrastructure is due to be online by December 2025.

Where can I find more information?

  • The scheme brochure summarises key information and can be downloaded here.
  • The scheme documentation includes all detailed information and can be downloaded from the eTenders website: www.etenders.gov.ie

Where can I apply?

Submission to be made through the eTenders website: www.etenders.gov.ie