N7 Naas Road/Newlands Cross Traffic Shift

N7 Naas Road/Newlands Cross (Flyover Construction) – Traffic Shift This Weekend

 Friday, January 31, 2014 at 21:00hr (9:00PM)

On Friday the 31st of January commencing at 21:00hr (9:00PM) the three existing lanes of mainline traffic heading from the M50/Red Cow Interchange toward Naas (Westbound) will be shifted to their left onto three newly constructed temporary lanes.

The primary reason for this initial traffic shift is to create the necessary space to shift the traffic coming from Naas(N7) toward the M50/Red Cow Interchange (Eastbound) which is to take place in two to three weeks.

These traffic lane shifts in both the eastbound direction toward (Dublin) and westbound direction toward (Naas) will free up the necessary space to construct the Newlands Cross Flyover.

Please Note: Traffic delays can be expected until the entire traffic shift both eastbound and westbound is completed over the following two to three weeks.

This anticipated traffic delay is expected due to the extension/widening of the Newlands Cross interchange during this traffic shifting phase over the next two to three weeks. The temporary expanded interchange means drivers will require more time to turn onto and off of Fonthill and Belgard Roads. As a result, longer waiting times at the traffic lights will affect the mainline traffic heading to and from Dublin.

These temporary diversions are designed to permanent road standards and will include the construction and commissioning of:
Road pavements, Drainage, Public Lighting, Cycleways and Footways (east of junction only), Traffic Signals and ITS equipment

N7 Newlands Cross Junction Upgrade:

The Newlands Cross Junction Upgrade will replace the existing traffic signal controlled junction at Newlands Cross. The new flyover will carry the N7 traffic up and over the R113 Fonthill / Belgard Roads, thus minimising local traffic impact.

The Newlands Cross junction upgrade will mean the removal of the last set of traffic lights on the National network between the border and Cork, Waterford and Limerick. The flyover will remove a bottleneck on the national roads system affecting 80,000 car users a day. The scheme will reduce journey times significantly for interurban and local motorists.

Opening - Spring 2015