Saturday July 19th, N7 Newlands Cross Lane Shift (Eastbound Only) toward M50 and Dublin City

Final major traffic shift before Newlands Cross Flyover opens later this year.

There will be a split of traffic lanes heading eastbound toward M50 and Dublin City on the N7 commencing Saturday, July 19th at approximately 10PM (22:00hr).
The split will take place just after the Green Isle Hotel with two lanes to the left and two lanes to the right. The two lanes to the right will be reduced to one lane toward Dublin City after the Belgard Road turn.

  • The two left hand lanes will allow access to Boot Road, Fonthill Road, local business access, the M50 and Dublin City.
  • The two right hand lanes will allow access to Belgard Road and Dublin City. Please note that one lane will be dropped after the Belgard Road turn and only one lane will remain onward to Dublin City.
  • There is no reduction on the existing number of lanes (three lanes eastbound) heading toward M50 and Dublin City today.

The reason for this work is to create space for the construction of the eastbound approach of the future Newland Cross Flyover.

Please note: There will be new directional signage advising motorists of best lane to be in and they will be placed in advance of traffic split.