Appropriate Assessment – Inviting the Opinion of the General Public

Under the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011, where Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) proposes to carry out a development that might have significant effects on European sites, it must conduct what is known as an Appropriate Assessment. An Appropriate Assessment is an assessment to determine whether a project will have negative effects on European sites, which are sites selected to protect important types of flora, fauna and habitats. To inform Appropriate Assessments, TII prepares Natura Impact Statements (NISs), which are scientific reports that examine the possible implications of projects on these European sites. The Regulations allow TII to invite the opinion of the general public when it is conducting an Appropriate Assessment. NISs open to the opinion of the general public are available by clicking the relevant links below. The closing date for receipt of opinions is indicated on the first page of each NIS. 
Some information contained within the NISs could, if made publicly available, pose a risk to the conservation of protected species or habitats. For this reason, this information has been redacted. Personal data has also been redacted under the General Data Protection Regulation.
Opinions on any of the open NISs may be emailed to: