Minister Ryan announces the launch of a new Office: Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland

The Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan T.D. has today launched Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland. This new Office will play an important role in Ireland’s transition to zero emission vehicles. It will work across government, industry, and society to support this transition. Its operations will include: 

  • supports for the uptake of zero emission vehicles, 
  • infrastructure delivery through funding and policy guidance, 
  • strategy and policy lead, including taxation and regulation, 
  • research and innovation, and,
  • communications and public and stakeholder engagement.  

To ensure a fair and equitable transition to large scale zero emission vehicle use, the full range of needs for people and businesses across Ireland must be met, including ensuring a just transition for those in rural, Gaeltacht and Islands area. The existing and future EV charging infrastructure network must be accessible, safe and secure, benefiting communities and serving the needs of all citizens, including older people and people with disabilities.  As well as infrastructure, a range of policy measures that could increase EV uptake will be considered ensuring, for example, wider access to EVs across society.

A number of new initiatives are being launched today by Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland to support EV uptake. These will be followed in the coming months by new supports for public EV charging infrastructure.

Speaking about the launch, Minister Ryan said:

“I am delighted to announce the launch of Zero Emission Vehicle Ireland. This Office will accelerate the uptake of zero emission vehicles and help decarbonise our transport sector.

There has been an increase in the purchase of EVs in Ireland so far this year, with 21% of new cars licensed being electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles compared with 14% at this time last year. This is a significant step change on last year and we need to continue on this pathway to reach our ambition of almost one million EVs on the roads by 2030. Our EV target is a critical solution to reducing our transport emissions, and is a key part of our strategy which also includes measures to reduce car journeys, through improved public and active transport networks.

Building on this progress to date, the new Office is here to continue to drive electrification of road transport in Ireland, addressing existing and emerging challenges and ensuring that no one is left behind as we make the change to electric. I am pleased to announce the launch of several initiatives being undertaken by Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland. In terms of infrastructure supports, the Apartment Charging Grant will be open for applications from today. The EV Home Charger grant is also being expanded from today to remove the requirement for applicants to already own an electric vehicle. In addition, Smart Chargers will be made mandatory on the EV Home charger grant from the 1st of September; this will improve safety and provide better integrations with renewable sources. To support electric vehicle uptake for businesses, a new trial will be launched today to encourage the electrification of the commercial fleet in Ireland.”


  • Launch of the Apartment Charging Grant 
    Residential charging is the most cost effective and convenient way of charging electric vehicles and is expected to make up 80% of overall charging needs. The EV Apartment Charging grant is being launched today, for dwellings which do not have access to a driveway such as apartments, duplexes as well as mixed developments. This grant will be managed by SEAI and further information can be found here.
  • Expansions of the EV Home Charger Grant
    The EV Home Charger grant is also being expanded from today. This will enable any tenants and homeowners to apply for a grant, whether they own an EV or not. This can also be used for visitor use or at rented accommodation. This grant is currently managed by SEAI and further information can be found here.
  • EV Smart Charger Register
    From 1st September 2022 the Home Charger grant, administered by SEAI, will only provide funding for Smart Chargers. This will improve safety, prevent excessive electrical demand and facilitate better integration with renewable energy sources. For manufacturers and installers wishing to register their products please see this page.


  • EV Commercial Fleet Trial 
    A new trial is being launched today to promote and encourage the electrification of the commercial fleet in Ireland. This trial will afford businesses the opportunity to test an EV free of charge for a minimum period of three months.  Its purpose is to show, through real world evidence, the benefits, savings and the suitability and viability of EVs in a commercial setting. To apply or to access more information please see SEAI’s website here.
  • Destination Charging Grant for Sports Clubs 
    The Shared Island Sports Club grant will provide funding to install a network of publicly accessible chargers in communities nationwide through their local sports clubs subject to certain eligibility criteria. This grant, with funding provided via the Government's Shared Island Fund, will operate on an all-island basis and provide grant funding via National Sports Governing Bodies to eligible sports clubs and centres to help defray the cost of installing publicly accessible EV charge points. 
  • EV Charging Infrastructure 
    The draft National EV Strategy underwent public and stakeholder consultation earlier this year, with over 14,000 responses to the online questionnaire along with detailed written submissions received from both individuals and organisations. Responses and submissions received as part of the consultation are currently being considered in the development of the final Strategy for publication later this year. The final Strategy will also an Implementation Plan that will set out a pathway for delivery of a high quality national EV charging Infrastructure.
  • Re-opening of Electric Small Public Service Vehicle (eSPSV) grant
    The aim of the eSPSV grant is to enable owners of small public service vehicles, such as taxis, hackneys and limousines, to buy electric vehicles, championing the electric experience for passengers and drivers in Ireland. Approximately €15m was allocated in 2022 to support SPSVs to switch to electric. The scheme is kept under continuous review and was paused to new applicants in April to allow for the drawdown and payment of provisional grant offers which usually have a time limit of three months. The scheme will now reopen for applications on 1st August 2022 and is managed by the NTA.

Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland was established 21 July 2022, as recommended by the Electric Vehicle Policy Pathway Working Group Report in September 2021 and following Action 274 of the Climate Action Plan 2021.

Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland will comprise four pillars in terms of its operations:

  • Policy & Strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Vehicles
  • Communications and engagement.

Each pillar will have a dedicated workstream with support from a central Programme Management Office. Oversight for Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland will be through a collaborative governance framework comprising representatives of Department of Transport, SEAI, NTA, TII and ESB Networks, through its:

  • Assurance Board, providing oversight and assurance for the successful implementation of the Office’s work programme; and
  • Progress Group, responsible for monitoring programme progress, ensuring the delivery of tasks and achieving KPI’s. 

As well as a number of initiatives announced today, Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland is working on further measures to support the uptake of EVs that will be announced later this year.