Strategic Planning Unit

The main functions of TII’s Strategic and Transport Planning Unit are as follows.

  • Carrying out strategic studies and compiling high-level information including future national roads and light rail needs assessment.
  • Formulating and implementing policies and systems for the appraisal and prioritisation of projects and programmes.
  • Developing inputs for Business Cases for BRT, Luas and Metro, e.g. demand models, operational analysis, revenue forecasting, multi-criteria analysis, financial and economic appraisal and accessibility/GIS based analysis.
  • Managing the development of and promoting the use of the National Transport Model and the National Traffic Model. Overseeing the development and application of transportation modelling packages for urban demand models.
  • Conducting surveys and collecting data to support Luas operations and other areas of TII’s business. Enhancing forecasting tools to better understand transport behaviour.
  • Updating the Project Appraisal Guidelines for National Road projects and carrying out audits on Business cases for national road capital projects and current expenditure programmes.
  • Liaising with the National Transport Authority and other statutory bodies in relation to current and future transport needs and with the forward planning of national land transport networks.
  • Providing services to other TII Sections and external stakeholders

Strategic Planning Publications

Key Strategic Planning documents including TII Project Appraisal Guidelines, National Transport Model Brochures and Transport Research & Information Notes con be found in the TII Library.