N/M20 Cork to Limerick Project Update

Identification of the reduced road corridor, expanded active travel infrastructure, transport hubs, freight hub, enhanced public transport integration and environmental integration for the N/M20 Cork to Limerick project have been published today (November 27th 2023).

The N/M20 transport is a unique road solution that will significantly enhance safety for all transport users, improve the health and wellbeing of the bypassed communities, support regional and local economic growth, and implement transport decarbonisation measures from the Climate Action Plan.

The N/M20 Cork to Limerick Project is based upon on a “first of its type”, multi modal view to improving connectivity, safety, and economic links between the cities of Cork and Limerick, and ultimately Galway. Today’s announcement follows consideration of extensive public feedback and of evolving climate, environmental and transport policy. The project update focuses on the following elements:

  • Reducing the width of the mainline corridor from 500m to 200m. A further reduction identifying the proposed fence line will take place over the next 12 months.
  • Identifying the location of junctions, link roads, side roads and active travel corridors.
  • Expanded provision of Active Travel infrastructure for walking and cycling from 80km to 100km.
  • Provision of Transport Hubs to facilitate interchange to public transport services, car sharing, active travel, and en-route EV charging facilities.
  • Provision of a Freight Hub to provide HGV parking, welfare, and en-route EV charging facilities.
  • Developing further opportunities to enhance Public Transport and encourage transfer to bus and rail.
  • Developing best practice for environmental, biodiversity and carbon management.
Further information is available at www.corklimerick.ie. Limerick City and County Council in partnership with Cork County Council, Cork City Council, Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the Department of Transport are progressing Phase 3 Design and Environmental Evaluation. The project team continues to welcome feedback from property owners, communities, businesses and other stakeholders, including public webinars and an online feedback form. Further project updates will be published in Q2 (draft design) and Q4 2024 (final design and fence line), then seek government approval to submit the planning application.