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Public Transport is a resource that provides inherent benefits for all in society. However, people with disabilities who wish to live and travel independently often experience barriers preventing them from fully utilising and accessing services. Public transport must prioritise accessibility, equity and fairness to be truly public and sustainable.

‘All Aboard: TII’s Accessibility Podcast’ has been developed to provide a platform for designers, advocates and researchers to share what accessible public transport means to them, and how they have incorporated accessibility in their work. Their insights are enriched by the stories and lived experiences of people with disabilities, their family members, and carers.

The podcast is a free, accessible and objective resource with the aim of communicating with listeners on the topic of accessible public transport. Designers, operators and decision makers can gain an enhanced understanding of the diverse needs and experience of users, while empowering anyone who may have diverse accessibility requirements to know they have a voice when it comes to the design and improvements of current and future transport systems.

Season 1 of the podcast launched in May 2023 and consists of 8 episodes.

The team behind the podcast:

  • Sarah O’Donnell is our podcast host and TII’s Assistant Chief Architect. Sarah has worked on the design of TII’s major public transport projects, with a focus on urbanism, place-making and sustainable design. As TII’s Access Officer, Sarah has worked for many years with the User Groups on accessibility and universal design in public transport.
  • Trevor Cudden is a Civil Engineer working with Sarah on the design of major TII public transport projects. He has a keen interest in in music production and acted as editor and producer for this podcast.
  • Kathleen Jacobi is the Sustainability Portfolio Co-ordinator of TII. Having a specific interest in gender equality and travel equity she is a member of the ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ Working Group within the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and the European Commission’s ‘Ambassadors for Diversity in Transport Network’.
  • Rachel Cahill is the Head of the Executive Office at TII, and senior sponsor for the podcast.
  • Claire Scott is a Senior Communications Consultant at Arup and works with TII across a number of projects, including as a producer of the podcast. Claire has a particular interest in how we can improve equity in access to and experience of public transport.
  • Sinead Foley is a Graphic Design student at Technological University Dublin and designed all graphics for the podcast.
  • Lisa Harvey is an Irish Sign Language Interpreter who interpreted the podcast episodes to make sure accessibility for all included the Deaf community.



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