Review of TII’s Palaeo-environmental Sampling Guidelines

Environmental sampling on an archaeological excavation (Photo by IAC Archaeology)

TII’s current Palaeo-environmental Sampling Guidelines (PESG) have been in operation for just over 10 years. These guidelines were originally published in 2012 and were most recently revised in 2015 to reflect the merger of the National Roads Authority and Rail Procurement Agency, and the establishment of Transport Infrastructure Ireland. The implementation and use of these guidelines has provided consistency in sampling procedures across a range of different sites as well as standardised analysis and reporting of palaeo-environmental remains from TII-funded schemes.

IAC Archaeology have been appointed to review and update these guidelines. Over the coming months, they will be reviewing best international practice, and will be engaging with all stakeholders to obtain feedback on the implementation and use of the guidelines to date, in order to complete a rigorous and high-quality review and update. Once this review and update has been completed stakeholder workshops will be delivered to ensure any new procedures and implementation processes are understood and effectively executed.

For further information on the consultation process please contact Dr Ellen O’Carroll ( or Dr John Ó Néill (