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Minister Ryan launches new €21 million grant scheme to boost EV Charging Infrastructure

To find out more about the ZEVI EV Charging Infrastructure LDV En-Route Grant Scheme visit www.tii.ie/evscheme.

How to join the Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System (CITS) pilot?

Members of the public are invited to register their interest in participating in the pilot by logging on to cits.tii.ie and completing a short survey aimed at assessing their suitability to participate.

0818-715-100 Motorway Incident Number

TII's purpose is to provide sustainable transport infrastructure and services, delivering a better quality of life, supporting economic growth and respecting the environment.

Join our cooperative technology pilot on cits.tii.ie

TII is calling 1,500 members of the public to participate in our connected vehicle pilot which will run until the end of 2024.

Help us make Ireland's roads safer and join the pilot today at cits.tii.ie

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