Projects & Improvements

The objective of TII's capital expenditure programme is to improve the safety and efficiency of the national road network to make it fit-for-purpose for freight, business and social travel.

Please click here to view the National Road Projects Status: 2021.


Road Network Improvements

Road network improvements offer many benefits to our safety and lives and also underpin a range of Government policies. They help:

  • Save lives and reduce injuries
  • Reduce the cost to business and individuals of travel
  • Facilitate regional development, tourism and business investments
  • Improve environmental conditions by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Remove traffic congestion from towns and villages throughout the country 

Public Private Partnerships

TII, in accordance with successive Government Development Plans, has implemented a  number of network improvement projects utilising PPP, for example on motorway schemes and major river crossings. Find out more about PPP.

Improvement priorities

Excellent progress has been made on upgrading the national road network in recent years, but much work is still required. The pace at which the Authority can improve the network is limited by the levels of funding made available:

The priorities for the Authority may be summarised as follows:   

Asset Management, Network Rehabilitation and Network Operations

The first priority after existing commitments are fulfilled is to maintain the asset value, reliability, and functionality of the network.

National Secondary Roads Improvements, Bottleneck Improvement Projects, Safety Projects and Traffic Management Projects

The Authority is committed to implement improvements as the funding situation permits, and has brought a number of schemes through the planning process so as to be ready to build once funding is available.

Network Improvement Projects

The investment in the national road network in recent years has vastly improved many of the busiest and most strategic national roads. These improvements have transformed the routes in question, and are delivering economic benefits that are multiples of their costs.

The 'A Decade of Progress' publication will bring you through the progress from 2000 to 2010.