Our National Road Network

Transport Infrastructure Ireland operates, maintains and improves the national primary and secondary road network in Ireland.

Map of the Irish road network

Ireland's Primary and Secondary Road Network

The primary and secondary road network in Ireland is some 5,306km long and is made up of motorways, dual carriageways and single lane roads. Approximately 320km of the 916km motorway network is being operated by Public Private Partnerships.

Other sections are managed by Motorway Maintenance and Renewal Contract operators. Our network carries approximately 45% of the country's total road traffic and most of Ireland's freight is distributed by road.

Network Operations and Maintenance 
Some of TIIs key responsibilities in this area include:

Service Areas
Tolling Operations
Travel Information Services for road users
Emergency phone services
Electronic communications infrastructure
Winter services
Emergency planning


Other Roads

Local authorities manage urban and remote sections of dual carriageway, national secondary, regional and local roads in Ireland.