Be Tram Aware Announcement

An appeal to cyclists by Luas to Be Tram Aware!

Unlike your Bike, a tram needs time to stop – and unlike your Bike, a tram cannot swerve.
Luas operator Transdev are launching today (Tuesday July 18th) an advertising campaign called # Be Tram Aware
The campaign focuses on showing cyclists how close they can come to being seriously injured when breaking red lights.
Luas drivers see this daily – cyclists taking a gamble at Red Lights, forcing the tram driver to suddenly apply the emergency brake and in doing so also slowing the whole service.
Luas do not want more cyclist injuries.  The trams are very much a part of Dublin’s transport infrastructure and this type of cyclist behaviour is irresponsible.
# Be Tram Aware is an advertising campaign aimed at educating cyclists that breaking lights and colliding with a Luas may result in serious injury or death. 
Luas are encouraging the public - including cyclists - to share via social media this Luas CCTV footage of near misses between cyclists and trams. This video footage shows just how dangerous it is for a cyclist to break a red light.  It also shows the risks of being in a tram lane and whizzing between trams and cyclists who simply do not look left and right before crossing.
# Be Tram Aware is available to view online now: