Creation of the new N40 in Cork

The National Roads Authority in conjunction with Cork City Council and Cork County Council will re-sign a specific section of the existing N25, between the N8 Dunkettle Interchange and N22 Poulavone to Tralee, and create the new N40.

Work on the re-signing will commence the week of April 16th and will take approximately 6 months to complete.

This re-signage programme is the first step in creating a single national road corridor that will ultimately become a full ring road servicing access to and from the City of Cork. The new N40 will become an “urban ring” in accordance with best international practice on roads servicing major city centres. The new numbering system will allow for new junctions to be added when future works are completed.

The new Junction Numbers on the N40…

  • Junction 1 at N22 Poulavone to Tralee
  • Junction 2 at Curraheen,
  • Junction 3 at N71 Bandon Road to Skibbereen
  • Junction 4 at Sarsfield Road
  • Junction 5 at Togher
  • Junction 6 at N27 Kinsale Road/Airport
  • Junction 7 at South Douglas Road
  • Junction 8 at Douglas Road
  • Junction 9 at N28 Bloomfield to Ringasiddy
  • Junction 10 at Mahon
  • Junction 11 at N8/N25 Dunkettle to Dublin/Waterford

Additionally, the new junctions have been coordinated with the upgrade works already underway at the new Bandon and Sarsfield interchanges.