Luas Cross City Project End of Year Review 2016

The end of 2016 marks a significant year for the Luas Cross City project. The final tracks in the city centre area will be laid by Christmas. This milestone adds to the significant progress for the project during 2016 with passenger services due to commence in December 2017. Please see below a summary of work to-date this year and a brief overview of the 2017 look ahead.

Milestones Achieved in 2016:

  • All track laid in the city centre
  • Construction of 8 stops commenced:
    • Dominick Street
    • Marlborough
    • O’Connell / GPO
    • Trinity
    • Cabra
    • Dawson
    • Westmoreland
  • Tie in track works at Luas Red line & Green line installed
  • Tracks laid across O’Connell Bridge, linking Dublin’s North & South Quays
  • Commencement of OCS (Overhead Conductor System) works
  • Stop furniture installation commenced
  • Reinstatement of Heritage pavement has started
  • Broombridge depot construction in advanced stages
  • 2 substations constructed
  • New Bridge construction in Broadstone completed
  • Liam Whelan/Fassaugh Road Bridge Deck Replacement completed
  • Luas Cross City launched ‘Be Track Aware’ cycle safety campaign

Look Ahead for 2017:

  • Complete track works in off street areas
  • Complete construction of Broombridge depot
  • Complete OCS works
  • Complete stop construction
  • Reinstate carriageways and pavements throughout the city centre
  • Modify and install 30 traffic junctions


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Luas Cross City
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