Service Area Policy


Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is undertaking a review of policy in relation to the provision of service areas on motorway and dual carriageway sections of the national road network. As well as providing safe stop and rest areas for motorists, service areas typically include food, fuel and toilet facilities.
The current TII Service Area Policy document, which is available at this link, was published in 2014, following a comprehensive review of the motorway and dual carriageway networks to identify key locations where service areas were needed. 
By way of background information, a consultation paper has been prepared which outlines the context for the development of the policy; and the service areas that have opened or are under construction since 2014.
Submissions are invited and should be marked “Consultation on Service Area Policy”. The submission can be emailed to on or before Friday, 27 September 2019.
Alternatively, submissions may be posted to:
Service Area Consultation
Strategic & Transport Planning Section
Transport Infrastructure Ireland 
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