Fare Collection

How the Luas ticketing system works

Luas is an “open” system, with no entry or exit barriers at any stops. Passengers are required to purchase tickets before using the system. Tickets are not sold on board the trams and there are no facilities on the trams for validating Leap Cards. Most tickets are sold from self-service Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at the stops, and Leap Cards are validated by means of validators at each end of the platforms. The system is patrolled by revenue inspectors who issue Standard Fares to passengers found not to be in possession of a valid ticket while travelling on Luas.

Luas tickets

TVMs and validators are provided at all Luas stops. At least one TVM and two validators are provided on each platform of every stop (inbound and outbound platforms). TVMs afford Luas customers the opportunity to purchase single, return and period based tickets prior to boarding Luas services. Leap Card users can also use TVMs to top up their Leap Card.

Leap Cards

The Leap Card is the integrated ticketing scheme for public transport in Dublin. The scheme is operated and maintained by the National Transport Authority (NTA). For more information visit the Leap Card website.

More information on fares and ticketing can be found at www.luas.ie.