TII Digital Heritage Collections

On Monday 19 June 2017, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in collaboration with the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) and the Discovery Programme, formally launched the TII Digital Heritage Collections in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.

The TII Digital Heritage Collections include more than 1,500 archaeological excavation reports, representing approximately 80% of all archaeological excavation reports commissioned by TII during Ireland’s infrastructure building programme between 2001 and 2016. In addition, the collections include 90 papers from the organisation's seminar proceedings, published between 2003 and 2009, as well as TII’s downloadable audio books and short videos. The latest addition to the collections consists of over 170 archaeo-geophysical survey reports.

The collections provide a fascinating opportunity to explore Ireland’s rich archaeological heritage from every time period and every region. These resources are now securely preserved for the long term and are accessible through the DRI—a national digital repository for Ireland’s humanities, social sciences, and cultural heritage data. They are also accessible from a variety of important national and international platforms, including Ireland’s Open Data PortalHeritageMaps.ie (an initiative of the Heritage Council), and the ARIADNE portal (a European-wide Research Infrastructure for archaeology), as well as the TII Open Data Portal. These multiple points of data discovery provide access to these rich collections to the general public and professionals alike.