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How to Guide on Area Based Transport Assessment Planning (ABTA)

A guidance document for local authorities to enable a consistent approach to the preparation of transport assessments in the preparation of Development Plans and Local Area Plans. It provides a ‘step-by-step’ guide to undertaking transport assessments including practical advice on the appropriate use of transport planning tools and datasets. How working together can help manage shorter journeys and be more sustainable through promoting the “15” minute town.


In October 2016, the NRA Project Appraisal Guidelines were superseded by the TII Project Appraisal Guidelines for National Roads. The updated guidelines cover a variety of issues including:

  • Update to governance as set out in the Public Spending Code including level of appraisal at different spending thresholds
  • Update to the parameters required for project appraisal as set out by Public Spending Code and Common Appraisal Framework e.g. discount rates, value of time
  • Updated tools and guidance on their use to improve the capturing of benefits on schemes e.g. TUBA, COBALT
  • Standard appraisal tools for Minor Projects to ensure proportionality of appraisal (PE-PAG-02035(Minor Projects €5m - €20m) and PE-PAG-02037 (Minor Projects €0.5m - €5m))
  • Take cognisance of user feedback and experience gained from undertaking audits of appraisal documents to provided targeted guidance on specific issues e.g. Multi-Criteria Analysis, Model Calibration & Validation Thresholds
  • Linking with update to Project Management Guidelines and associated phases
  • Guidance on Motorway Service Areas

The new TII Project Appraisal Guidelines for National Roads documents can be found at www.tiipublications.ie with associated downloads available at http://www.tiipublications.ie/downloads/