Prompt Payment Procedures

Details of the 15 day prompt payment commitment to suppliers


The Government commitment under the EU/IMF Programme of Support for Ireland will extend the 15 day prompt payment rule to the wider public sector. The requirement applies to all valid invoices received on or after 1st July 2011.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is committed to making every effort to pay its suppliers in line with this requirement by:

  • Monitoring our payment system regularly to ensure that payments are processed in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring that we have a system in place to deal with disputes or queries efficiently. All efforts will be made to deal with disputes within 10 day.
  • Fostering good relationships with our suppliers and providing contact details for dealing with staff.
  • Giving clear guidance to suppliers on their role in ensuring timely payment of invoices.


Standard Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Deliverables

Standard Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Deliverables


Method of Making Payments

Our method of payment is by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). A remittance advice will issue by email where we have an email address on file, or by post.


Valid Invoice

The 15 day period will commence from the day on which the Authority receives a valid invoice at the following address:

Accounts Department
Transport Infrastructure Ireland,
Parkgate Business Centre,
Parkgate Street,
Dublin 8,
D08 DK10,
A valid invoice must contain the following:
  • The name and address of the business or company
  • A valid VAT registration or PPS number
  • Date of the invoice
  • Invoice number
  • The amount of the invoice
  • Purchase Order number where applicable
  • A description of the goods or services provided
  • Invalid invoices will be returned to suppliers for correction.


Tax clearance certificate

Suppliers are reminded that in the case of all public sector purchases in excess of €10,000 including VAT within any 12 month period, the supplier is required to produce valid Tax Clearance details before payment can be made.


Proof of delivery

Where goods are being delivered, proof of delivery should be given to the person receiving the goods.


EFT payment

Bank account details to be provided for EFT payment. Payment will only be made for invoices once all the above conditions are met and once TII’s standard terms and conditions or relevant agreements between TII and the supplier have been complied with.


Disputes / Complaints Procedures

If TII receives an invoice where there is a dispute or issue to be clarified, a member of TII staff will contact the supplier setting out the following details:

  • The invoice number that the dispute is related to
  • The amount in dispute
  • The reason for the dispute
  • Any supporting documentation

Should you wish to make a complaint about a late payment received, please contact the Accounts Department of TII in the first instance and outline the nature of your complaint. If you are not satisfied with the response received from the above, you should contact the Head of Finance of TII.


Prompt Payment Reports