Appropriate Assessment


Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) determined that Appropriate Assessments in respect of some of its plans or projects were required as it could not be excluded, on the basis of objective scientific information, that the plans or projects, individually or in combination with other plans or projects, would have significant effects on European sites. As it was required to conduct Appropriate Assessments in respect of certain plans or projects it proposed to adopt or undertake, TII caused the preparation of Natura Impact Statements (NISs). These NISs may be found by following the relevant links below. Following submission of these NISs to the Minster for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, TII waited for a period of at least six weeks prior to concluding all Appropriate Assessments. TII notes that it is required to take account of any submissions made to it by the Minster. TII also carried out public consultations and published notices of the proposed plans or projects on its website. In carrying out these Appropriate Assessments, TII took into account a number of matters, including the Natura Impact Statements. TII’s Appropriate Assessments included determinations as to whether or not the relevant plans or projects would adversely affect the integrity of European sites. These determinations are also available by following the pertinent links below. All assessments were carried out before any decisions were taken to adopt the plans or undertake the projects. TII has adopted these plans or undertaken these projects only after having determined that they shall not adversely affect the integrity of European sites. Small amounts of information contained within the determinations and NISs could, if made publicly available, pose a risk to the conservation of protected species or habitats. As such, this information has been redacted. Personal data has also been redacted pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation.
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