Traffic Volume Summary 2019-2021

TII which counts the traffic volumes using more than 300 counters buried in main roads across the Republic, from March 2020 shows a reading of traffic activity as lockdowns were imposed, eased and reimposed. 

Initial restrictions were put in place on March 12th, last year. Countrywide Level 5 restrictions on travel were in place from October 22nd to December 1st and were reintroduced in stages from December 26th.

TII’s data covers the national road network, and includes counters on each section of the M1, N2/M2, N3/M3, M4, M6, M7, M8, M9, N11/M11 corridors. Dublin city centre is not covered as this is monitored by Dublin City Council.

The pre-Covid traffic numbers from 2019 showed generally consistent traffic volumes throughout the year apart from the normal drop-off in volumes over the summer holiday period.

The data also shows the following:

  • In January and February 2020 traffic volumes were higher than in the same months in 2019
  • The sharp reduction in traffic at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2019 is clearly evident
  • A progressive increase in traffic from mid-April 2020 and in subsequent months as restrictions were lifted
  • During the summer months of July and August 2020 traffic volumes plateaued at close to 2019 levels
  • Traffic volumes started to decrease from September 2020 as local and national restrictions were progressively implemented, most particularly from October
  • There was another progressive increase in the run-up to Christmas, before the sharp decrease with the reintroduction of Level 5 restrictions at the end of December

Please click the link below to view the Traffic Volume Summary graphic for 2019 - 2021.