Toll Exemptions for Disabled Drivers

Disabled people with vehicles specially adapted for disabled persons are exempt from tolls on each toll road in the state

Disabled Persons and Tolls

We can confirm a new Disability Modified Vehicle Exemption Scheme will be launching in February 2020 in order to centralise exemption across all Toll roads within Ireland. This scheme replaces the current process which was managed through a card issued by individual Toll Operators. 

Transport infrastructure Ireland can confirm vehicles who qualify for the Revenue Commissions Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities Tax Relief Scheme will be exempt from Toll charges.  


What is the Disability Toll Exemption Scheme?
The DTES was established by Transport Infrastructure Ireland in 2019 to allow disability modified vehicles who qualify for exemption under the Revenue Commissioners Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities Tax Relief Scheme to be exempt from charges on Irish toll roads. This National Scheme will replace the cards that were previously issued by individual Toll Plazas.

What are the benefits of signing up for the scheme?  
Once your vehicle has been registered and approved you will be issued a disc that needs to be affixed to the vehicle’s windscreen. This will allow your disability modified vehicles to drive hassle free through all Irish Toll Plazas.

How long will the disc be valid for?
Upon issue the disc will be valid for a period of 2 years. Upon expiry a new disc can be applied for using the procedures outlined above. 

Where do I apply for the scheme?
Applying for the scheme is simple. You are required to fill out our online registration form available at www.dtes.ie or call our local number 1800 11 55 00 and our Operators will assist you with your application.


Customer Support services are available at:

Website: www.dtes.ie
Phone: 1800 11 55 00 
Email: customercare@dtes.ie  
Postal Address: Disability Tolling Exemption Scheme, c/o Easytrip, EA House, Damastown, Dublin 15.

Please note: Disabled motorists driving adapted vehicles continue to be exempt on arrival at all Toll roads within Ireland.  

Other Exemptions from Toll Charges

Certain vehicles in Ireland are exempt from toll charges. The vehicles in question are vehicles belonging to and used for official purposes by the Defence Forces, vehicles used by An Garda Siochana (the Irish Police force), fire brigade vehicles and ambulances.