Toll Exemptions for Disabled Drivers

Disabled drivers with vehicles specially adapted for disabled persons are exempt from tolls on each toll road in the state

Disabled Drivers and Tolls

Toll Bye-Laws in each case state that a specially adapted vehicle driven by a disabled person is exempt from tolls on each toll road in Ireland. If you are a disabled driver and drive a specially adapted vehicle, then you are entitled to toll exemption in Ireland.
To facilitate exempt passage for disabled drivers, some toll road operators have issued ID cards for exemption. To confirm if a toll operator is issuing these cards please contact them directly. You can find the list of operators by going to our toll road map, selecting a toll road, and ‘View all Charges’. You will find relevant toll road operators listed on these pages.
Please note: Disabled motorists driving adapted vehicles are not required to have an ID card to obtain an exemption. 


Other Exemptions from Toll Charges

Certain vehicles in Ireland are exempt from toll charges. The vehicles in question are vehicles belonging to and used for official purposes by the Defence Forces, vehicles used by An Garda Siochana (the Irish Police force), fire brigade vehicles and ambulances.