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TII’s strategic objectives include the continued operation and maintenance of existing transport network infrastructure to ensure public safety and to optimise the use of emerging technologies to extend the life of the existing network while ensuring appropriate and sustainable management of environmental resources.

TII has developed an Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Framework to align with the overall strategic objectives and goals of the organisation. The following hierarchy sets out the structure in which we propose to achieve our overall asset management objectives.


Asset Management Hierarchy


Asset Management at TII is tailored to serve the unique needs of the organisation, covering a multitude of light rail and road assets. Our approach is to integrate the core concepts of Asset Management in our activities while ensuring that we support the strategic objectives and goals outlined in TII’s Statement of Strategy. This integration yields the optimal outcomes from our transport asset management practices.

TII's Statement of Strategy establishes a commitment to protecting the significant investment that has been made in our national transport system. In line with that commitment, TII established the Asset Management Policy that states,

“Assets will be managed in a sustainable manner through the development, implementation, and maintenance of an asset management approach that is risk- based and data-driven, enabling us to make informed decisions throughout the life of our assets.”

Our policy contains six asset management guiding principles:

  • Policy-driven
  • Performance-based
  • Founded on quality information
  • Reliant on analysis of options and trade-offs
  • Providing accountability and feedback
  • Continual improvement

TII‘s Asset Management Strategy builds on the Policy by introducing our role in delivering safe, efficient, and sustainable transport infrastructure and services that contribute to Ireland’s quality of life and economic growth while respecting the environment. The Strategy outlines the range of assets that are managed and their value. It describes the importance of asset management and its link to our strategic objectives and other TII, Department of Transport, and government initiatives. It also introduces the concept of life cycle planning.

The Asset Management Framework builds on the Policy and Strategy by providing the ultimate objectives that will be achieved through asset management. The Strategic Asset Management Plans (SAMPs) will provide more detailed plans on how the objectives will be achieved for light rail, local authority roads, and TII-managed and concession roads.

Further Group Level Asset Management Plans will follow this for the various asset classes within TII such as pavement and structures. These will include more detail around asset specific performance measures and KPIs.


TII Asset Management Documents





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