Research Calls


DoRNs for CEDR Call 2024

CEDR has published the Descriptions of Research Needs (DoRNs) for two proposed research programmes within Call 2024: Road Lighting – The Light we Need and Safe System Implementation.


The draft DoRNs for Call 2024 are published on the CEDR website for “information” at the same time that they are sent to the CEDR members for consideration of their funding decisions.


At this point, the DoRNs have no details of the potential budget or the funding countries, but they have all the necessary technical details. By doing so, all research providers will have more time to consider their future proposals.


Please note that publishing DoRNs DOES NOT constitute any commitment by CEDR or its members to launch the corresponding research call.
DoRNs for two programmes within Call 2024 are available at the following links:


  1. Call 2024 Road Lighting – The Light we Need
  2. Call 2024 Safe System Implementation


If approved, CEDR Call 2024 is envisioned to be launched in Q3 of 2024.


CEDR Launches Public Consultation on the Vision of the Digital Road Manager

CEDR launches public consultation on the vision of the digital road manager. CEDR invites all interested stakeholders to contribute to shaping the vision of the digital road manager through a public consultation. Submissions may include written positions, insights from existing strategies, and findings from relevant studies or pilots - deadline is 27 August 2024.


The public consultation follows up on the Dublin Declaration which was an initiative of the CEDR Presidency of Belgium Flanders in 2024 aimed at rallying European National Road Administrations around common challenges and serve for engagement with all relevant stakeholders. Alongside activities on ageing infrastructure, the Dublin Declaration committed CEDR to dialogue with external stakeholders for developing a vision of the digital road manager.


Interested stakeholders can make their submissions here.


CEDR looks forward to your feedback - deadline: 27 August 2024.