Research Calls

CEDR has published the Description of Research Needs (DoRN) for one proposed research programme within Call 2022: Data

The draft DoRN for Call 2022 is published on the CEDR website for "information", at this link, at the same time that it is sent to the CEDR members for consideration of their funding decisions.

At this point, the DoRN has no details of the potential budget or the funding countries, but it has all the necessary technical details. By doing so, all research providers will have more time to consider their future proposals.

Please note that publishing the DoRN DOES NOT constitute any commitment by CEDR or its members to launch the corresponding research call.

DoRN for the programme within Call 2022 is available at the following link:

  1. Call 2022 Data

If approved, CEDR Call 2022 is envisioned to be launched in Q3 2022.