Movement of People


Movement of People

The Dunkettle Interchange Upgrade Scheme - project to enhance transportation infrastructure and connectivity in Cork, alleviating congestion, improving safety, and streamlining traffic flow for the region's residents and businesses.

Motorway Operations Control Centre – real-time monitoring of the motorway network, Dublin and Jack Lynch Tunnels.

Park and Share – park and share facilities on the motorway network to improve safety at junctions.

Travelling in a Woman’s Shoes – a study to understand needs and travel behaviours of women.

All Aboard: Accessibility Podcast - A platform for designers, advocated researchers to share their insights on accessibility, public transport, enriched by the stories and lived experiences of people with disabilities, their family members and carers.

Rural Cycleway Design (Offline & Greenway) – design standard for planning, design and development of rural offline cycleways – including national and regional greenways.