Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

The National Roads Network totals 5,306km of road. It comprises 2,649km designated as National Primary Road and 2,657km designated as National Secondary Road. National Primary roads are numbered from M1 to M50 (N Inclusive) and National Secondary roads are numbered from N51 to N87.

Contained within the national road network are the Motorway/Dual Carriageway sections totalling 1,210km (916km Motorway & 294km Dual Carriageway). Of which, 328km that are maintained under existing Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and 588km are maintained directly by the National Roads Authority through Motorway Maintenance and Renewals Contracts (MMaRC), with the remaining 294km maintained through local authorities.

Key aspects of motorway and dual carriageway maintenance

  • A Motorway Service Helpline has been set-up to assist roads users in difficulty or wishing to report an incident on a Motorway. All calls are directed through the Motorway Traffic Control Centre (MTCC) and the number is 0818 715 100 or contact by email at
  • This national motorway services programme has created over 200 jobs for both service providers and suppliers.
  • There are ten maintenance depots strategically located around the country in Athlone, Balbriggan, Cahir, Cork, Dublin, Ennis, Kilkenny, Kinnegad, Nenagh and Portlaoise.
  • Three of these depots (Ennis, Kinnegad and Balbriggan) also contain storage facilities for a combined total of 50,000 tonnes of salt which can be efficiently dispersed around the country to augment the supplies held by individual Local Authorities in emergency situations.

Maintenance services include the following:

  • Undertaking routine inspections and maintenance of the asset, including pavement, drainage, structures, bridges, signage and safety barriers.
  • Responding to incidents on the network, including emergencies and repairs to damaged sections of network.
  • Provide severe weather response & winter maintenance service.
  • Collect and manage asset data within the inventory management system.
  • Undertake improvement, rehabilitation and renewal works.

The country is broken down into three separate regions:

The first region (Network A) is managed by Globalvia Jons Ltd. It includes the Greater Dublin area and is approximately 160km in length including parts of the N/M1, N/M2, N/M3, N/M4, N/M7, M9 and N/M11. For additional information contact:

The second region (Network B) is managed by Colas Roadbridge Joint Venture Ltd. It includes the Midlands/West of the country with approximately 256 km of carriageway and includes parts of the N/M4, N/M6, M7, N/M18, N19, M20 and N85. For additional information contact:

The third region (Network C) is managed by Egis Lagan Services. Ltd It covers the South and South East and totals approximately 328 km in length and includes parts of the M7, M8, M9, N10, N20, N22, N24, N25, N28 and N40. For additional information contact:

The data on road condition is combined with information derived during site visits by road inspectors in order to identify the priorities for maintenance funding. The information is circulated to road authorities to allow maintenance programmes to be planned in advance.

Roadworks on the motorway: Never, ever drive in a closed lane

Watch this short video showing you what to do if a lane ahead on the motorway has been closed due to roadworks.

Unauthorised Signage and Safety

Under Section 17 (1) of the Roads Act, TII is assigned the general duty of providing a safe network of national roads.
The safety of all road users on the national road network is central to TII’s functions and activities. The placement of posters, banners, etc. along and in the vicinity of the motorway/high speed dual carriageway sections of the network works against that objective.
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