Other Proposed Third Party Works affecting the TII Managed Network

Underground telecoms works in national roads are addressed in the ‘Roadworks Consent Applications for National Roads – Telecommunications’ section.

This section addresses other third party works that may impact the TII managed network.

TII Managed Network

Some sections of the motorway/dual carriageway network are maintained directly by TII through three Motorway Maintenance and Renewal Contracts, MMaRC A, B & C. These MMaRC networks can be seen using this link and zooming into the relevant area to see the boundary.

Other sections of the motorway/dual carriageway network are constructed and operated by Public Private Partnership (PPP) Operators. The PPP network can be seen at this link

If there are any planned works by third parties within the MMaRC or PPP network, then please contact us, including maps with details, on thirdpartyworks@tii.ie and we will advise you of the requirements.

Any works on any national road affecting a TII structure

CC thirdpartyworks@tii.ie 

Overground Telecoms Infrastructure

Any third parties involved in locating overground telecoms infrastructure on public roads should proceed in accordance with this publication: “Guidance on the Potential Location of Overground Telecommunications Infrastructure on Public Roads” or the Green Book is a joint publication by CCMA, NRA, Department of Transport Tourism and Sport and Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.